At Chemika, we generate transformative ideas for our clients' challenges. Our solutions reaffirm our commitment to the environment, as well as functional and aesthetic values.

We specialise in Brand and Social Responsibility strategy. Brand Identity, cross-media communication such as Internet, Fashion, Social Media, Signage Systems and Print Media.


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Liliana Parcero / CEO & Cofounder

Her professional career in corporate communications spring-boarded after working for the Mexican News Agency (Notimex), the Mexican Newspaper La Prensa and Teletón Foundation in Mexico.

She collaborated in the writing of ‘The Emotional Dimension in Television’s Discourse’ her chapter is called ‘The Audiovisual Language and its Importance to Audiences.’ The book was published by the Anahuac University in Mexico and the Universidad de los Andes in Santiago de Chile

She holds a Masters degree in public policy from the Universitat Pompeu Fabra and the Johns Hopkins University and a Bachelors degree in communication sciences from the Universidad Anahuac del Norte. She also completed business management studies at the Instituto Panamericano de Alta Direccion (IPADE).

She enjoys practicing yoga, meditation and jogging. She constantly explores different paths to overall wellbeing. She is a big fan of power juices and reading. Social responsibility is her life compass. She has two daughters. Liliana lives and works in Mexico City.

Adriana Parcero / Creative Director & Cofounder

She has been designing for over twenty years. She worked for Nokia’s Brand team in London. She was a team member of Ogilvy & Mather Brand Integration Group in Los Angeles. She has founded design studios in Toronto & Mexico City.

Adriana’s work has been recognized by The Architecture & Design Museum of Chicago, The Creative Review, The Mexican Graphic Designers Association and AIGA among others. Her work has been published in Marcas & Trademarks Mex, GG, 2009, The Design of Dissent, Milton Glaser, Rockport, 2006, and Output 07 yearbook, Output-Berlin, 2004.

She earned an MFA from Art Center College of Design, in Pasadena, CA., she holds a Bachelor Degree in Graphic Design by Iberoamericana University, Adriana completed executive courses on Brand Strategy at the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University and taught Typography classes at the Art Institute of California.

Adriana is mother of two, girl and boy. She enjoys running surrounded by nature. She loves desserts and living in different countries. She lives and works in Berkeley, CA.

Leticia Toussaint / Creative Director & Partner Cofounder Filtra Design

She holds a Bachelor Degree in Graphic Design by Iberoamericana University, for the last eighteen years she has developed Corporate Identity focusing on retail and food courts for diverse brands.

She has helped implement brands such as: Sushi Itto, Tanya Moss, El Imperial, El Japonez, Paxia, Nudo Negro among others.

She was awarded the first prize in a contest organized by Body Shop to develop the packaging system for Mazunte. Until today Leticia is responsible for their products packaging. She won the first prize in the 250th Goethe Anniversary Poster contest.

She loves to design CD covers, collaborating recently with Atto Attie to create the cover of Orquesta 24 Cuadros. Swimming, playing guitar and painting is the way in which she connects with her true self. She lives and works in Mexico City.

Aura García / Senior Designer

She has a Graphic Design degree by the Mexican National University, UNAM. Aura specializes on web and editorial design. She designed and developed 110 web pages for Bancomext. She created the brand identity of Winter Genomics y México Design Shop.

She has worked on diverse large scale projects for the Mexico City Cultural Office and also collaborated for non profits such as Causa en Común, "Common Cause" y Ser grande, "Being Big".

She likes reading, going to the movies and traveling. She enjoys testing new flavors and discovering new colors, while listening to music. She writes poetry and short stories.

Aura loves coffee but more than anything she loves walking down Mexico City's Down Town streets. She lives and works in Mexico City.

Erick Suárez Melo / Senior Designer

He got a Graphic Design degree by University Bancaria of México; there he focused on studying photography. It was then when his love and passion for photography was born.

When it comes to Graphic Design Erick is interested in advertising and editorial design.

He loves listening to music, reading, visiting museums, art galleries and attending to all kinds of cultural events.

Erick also likes nature and going for walks. He drinks lots of coffee and every once in a while he enjoys a beer with friends. He lives and works in Mexico City.

Germán Hernández Maldonado / Account Manager

He studied Marketing at Xalapa University, where he graduated with a Product Placement thesis. He also completed a course in Graphic Design.

He created “La Condesa” enterprise, an evening events company in the sate of Veracruz, Mexico.

He moved to Mexico City to work for “La Metropolitana” a design and architecture firm, there Germán developed creative concepts for advertisement and branding.

He loves art and design, in his spare time he visits galleries, museums and new places. He is passionate about film. He lives and works in Mexico City.

Elizabeth Cruz Madrid / Copywriter

She is the author of many publications, many of them after awarded with literary distinctions: Me llaman tigre (Horson editions 2015), Ruidos en la tubería (Honorary mention in the Paula Benavides awards, 2014), Kitsu y el baku (El naranjo editions 2014), El fantasma japonés (1st prize of the Cuenta Conmigo prize, 2011, Conafe)

She studied Communication Sciences at Mexico’s National University UNAM and has been a journalist and reporter for various media outlets. She is an author and editor with many reputed publishers.

In her spare time she likes to watch movies while eating popcorn, takes her oldest daughter to the theater or sings and smiles to her youngest daughter. She also enjoys eating chocolate and drinking coffee. He lives and works in Mexico city.